alxyon is an entrepreneurial reality that arises from the will of the two founding partners to make available to the aquarium hobbysts both the truly effective products and the knowledge necessary for a simple and successful management of their tanks.

The alxyon project was born in 2016; from the occasional meeting of Fabrizio Lattuca and Andrea Mantegna.

Both long-term aquarists (from the late 70's, F. Lattuca and from the late 80's, A. Mantegna), over the years have acquired a whole range of experiences (including professional ones) in the field, such as to lead them to develop a good amount of products and projects in various areas related to aquaristics.
From the purely chemical part, such as mineral supplements and chemical tests (F.Lattuca), to the technical one, such as lighting fixtures for freshwater and marine aquariums (A. Mantegna).

Both known in the Italian aquarist field for publications and presences on the websites of the sector, they come into contact with the idea of ​​exchanging each other's experiences and knowledge.

From there, due to mutual esteem, they quickly reach the idea of ​​creating a company that could produce on a larger scale the products that over the time they have developed and used temselves, each in their own areas of interest, being able to share them with a greater audience of enthusiasts .

In 2018 Alxyon was born and presented on the market first with the PhytaGen line of products and protocol, with the aim of allowing enthusiasts to create ornamental aquariums in which to cultivate even the most demanding plants, while at the same time being able to fully enjoy their hobby with the utmost simplicity.

Certainty, repeatability of results and ease of use are what, according to our decades of experience, has been essentially missing in the aquarist market and have therefore been assumed by us as our guiding principles.

Other products and protocols will soon follow our PhytaGen line, still resulting from the decades of accumulated experience and research work of the two founding members who, as aquarists and users themselves, have been always selecting the best products present in the aquarist field and, when not fully satisfied, have been formulating and developing proprietary products.

Beyond the science and research involved, ALXYON is a company of aquarists for aquarists

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