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PhytaGen M1 Kit

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PhytaGen M1 Kit

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The purpose of this kit is to allow the combined purchase of all the products necessary to start testing the quality of the PhytaGen protocol for the management of planted aquaria with low Vegetal Metabolism, offering the advantage of a discounted price in comparison to the purchasing of the individual products.

For the description of the individual products, please refer to the relevant pages.


Una bella storia di perfezione e passione

Ho acquistato il primo kit di Phytagen circa un anno fa, ma in realtà è stata la scoperta di un’azienda che ci mette passione, dedizione e ricerca di altissimi livelli qualitativi. Il protocollo di integrazione minerale Phytagen ha fornito risultati eccellenti, unito ad un’estrema facilità di utilizzo. Di seguito ho provato anche il substrate V1, perfetto su entrambe le mie vasche... Di recente avevo bisogno di una vasca su misura e sapevo a chi rivolgermi; Alxyon ha realizzato per me una vasca in full extrachiaro, di qualità eccellente e con estrema attenzione e cura delle mie esigenze. Grazie mille!

Phytagen M2 should be dosed as a single weekly administration, as needed for bringing Iron concentration to the set target level.

Choise of Iron target level

Iron target value varies depending on the amount of vegetables present in the tank and their growth rate (influenced by the amount of light, CO2 and other nutrients).
Later we are going to summarize this parameter with the term "Vegetal Metabolism" (abbreviated as VM) and we will exemplify distinguishing between:

• High VM: high nutrient consumption; due to the presence of many rapidly growing plants.
• Medium VM: average nutrient consumption; due to a reasonable presence of plants and / or their average rapid growth
• Low VM: low nutrient consumption; due to the presence of a few plants and / or a low growth rate.

Obviously all the intermediate gradations remain possible.

As a function of Plant Metabolism, Alxyon recommends using the following target values ​​for Iron:

Medium VM: 0.50 mg / l of Iron from PhytaGen M2
High MV: 1 mg / l of Iron from PhytaGen M2

The dosage of PhytaGen M2 should therefore be done according to the iron target set for the tank (depending on its VM) and with the aim of bringing the iron concentration back to the set target level.

Dosing Procedure

The correct dosing procedure is as follows:

Perform the recommended water change (20-25% of the total).

• Introduce the new water remineralized with the salt mix PhytaGen S1 Planta.

After waiting for the salts to be fully dissolved and the water to be perfectly clear, measure pH and wait for it to return below 7.0 (IMPORTANT!)

Measure Iron concentration in water.

Dose the amount of PhytaGen M2 necessary to bring Iron back to the target level set according to the VM of the tank.

Once the layout of the tank and the growth speed of the plants are stable, we can assume with good approximation that the consumption of the tank stays constant and we can dose the already known amount with no need for measuring Iron concentration (although this remains highly recommendable). 

By way of example, based on our experience, we report the following possible consumption:

Medium VM: 0.30 mg / l of Iron from PhytaGen M2 per week
• High VM: 0.6 mg / l of iron from PhytaGen M2 per week

Based on these estimated consumption, the dosage can be estimated without the need for measuring iron;
But, as said above, the recommendation of Alxyon is to behave as detailed into the dosing procedure above. 

For example:
In general, for an aquarium with a fairly good plant amount and growth (Medium VM) it is advisable to dose the first week 2 ml every 10 liters
(20 ml x 100 liters) of aquarium water.
This dose brings iron to 0.5 mg/l).
From the week onwards, the dosage will be done according to the consumption of the tank;
that is as needed for bring back/keep iron concentration at 0.5 mg/l.

In order to obtain the best results it is very important to use PhytaGen M2 starting from a water with an optimal chemical composition in relation to the macro and meso-elements; such as that obtained by replenishing demineralized water (from osmosis or resins) through PhytaGen S1 Planta salt mix and PhytaGen N1 and PhytaGen P1 supplements.

Please find hereafter a dosage calculator to be used on mobile phones.
Just select the relevant product (M1, M2, N1, P1, S1) from the top tabs, insert the data requested and the program will calculate the amount of product to be dosed.

Are two salt mixes, restoring separately GH and Alcalinity, better than a salt mix restoring at once both of them?

Salts or solutions for the separate reintegration of GH and Alkalinity, by their very nature, can not be optimized with regard to the ionic ratio and consequently to the conductivity.
That is, inevitably, a reconstructed water with mixtures of salts that separately raise the GH and the Alkalinity will always have, in parity 'of fundamental cations (Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium), a worse ion balance and a conductivity greater than a reconstructed water with a mixture of salts which simultaneously raises the two parameters under examination.

Since PhytaGen S1 Planta has been designed for being used in a very specific field (planted aquaria) and for being used by demanding or professional users, it was decided to provide a product with the composition that, from our experience, simultaneously brings all the parameters to ideal values ​​for this area.
This simplifies the task of the enthusiast and reduces the chances of error or removal from the suggested optimal protocol.
This product should therefore be used as it is, as well as diligently following the instructions provided.

Under these conditions there is no need to (indeed, you should not) modify the method of use (or the composition) for any reason (for example to raise or lower the KH separately).

There may be cases in which we may feel we need to act separately on GH and Alkalinity.
For example to compensate for a destabilizing behavior of the tank.
Which may happen if the substrate or the rocks used adsorb or release some cations with a consequent decrease or increase of the GH untied by Alkalinity; Or if they lower alkalinity in a way unrelated to GH; or, on the contrary, if the alkalinity is increased due to the release of carbonates by the substrate or rocks.

In all these cases it is strongly recommended to solve these problems rather than trying to change the ratio between the parameters of the salt mix in order to balance the problem present in the tank.
Cases such as those listed above by way of example can be considered correctly addressed only by following one of the methods listed below:

- Removal of the cause of the problem from the tub (substrate, rocks, etc.)

- Increase (in frequency and quantity) of the routine of water changes to stem the problem.

Of the two, the first represents the optimal and definitive solution, while the second is a sub-optimal situation with regard to the results and the expenditure of time and effort inherent in its implementation.

For this reason, Alxyon's PhytaGen protocol provides for the use of funds that do not alter the chemical composition and the correct mineral balance of the water obtainable through the Sali S1 Planta mix.

The better the solubility, the better the salt mix?

We have already answered this question, considering the considerations that, with regard to solubility, we have expressed above.
For S1 Planta we have deliberately decided instead to privilege above all the search for the perfect balance between ions and the minimization of conductivity.
Secondly we favored the shelf life and durability of the product through the use of very low hygroscopic salts.

Only after obtaining the two results above we have made sure to further optimize the composition to obtain the best possible solubility, without however risking that this would be to the detriment of the fundamental parameters mentioned above.

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